You are angel in a land of demons

You are a rose in a field of weeds

Your eyes shine innocence being killed by darkness

Your tears of hope roll down your pale cheeks in despair

You don’t deserve this

You are like the moon shining in the nigh sky

Radiating happiness, love, hope.

Yet I stand behind you,

A stab in the back.

I am a black hole of despair, darkness, sadness.

I am like a parasite sucking all hope, happiness and love from you….

So I say again I am a monster….


When I am at my weakest you become a Sun,

radiating positivity towards me.

When I excel in something you become a star,

Shining your happiness towards me.

You are like water to a plant,

giving us purpose to live, sharing your knowledge.

You were a figure who I could really look up to,

you were someone who I truly respected,

you were someone who I truly got motivated by,

I am what I am because of you,

you are the reason for every good quality of mine.

You are true……

I live in dark shades

My heart breaks into a million echoes. It feels like I had a heart of glass, that is about to shatter. It feels like every time I rewind the obnoxious truth, my body has been pierced from the inferno that has been constantly burning as a candle but now has outraged itself into a wild fire. I have been betrayed by the world, and it had left my body half dead. It was my first and probably the last time…. My heart has been divided by a thin line that is known as love and it has created all the difference….

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I am on my way

I am on my way,

After crossing a 1000 miles,

Rafting through a couple of oceans,

Crossing the Sahara desert,

Jumping from the cliffs,

To achieve my main motive,

Touching the heights of the sky,

You may find several like me,

All for the single reason,

To be their dreams,

And conquer them.

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I am on blunt scattered oceans

What did I do so wrong that I deserved this, why did life give this this, a tune that was something so close and so turned to a minor key that worries and dissipation and unreal love have become so much a part of me, that I can no longer regain myself. Having myself baked in the terrible sunshine, my body painting and scarred. When did I ask for something so obsolete to bite my soul like the cold December winds?