Why Zebras have black and white stripes!

Pourquai Tale

Why zebras have have black and white stripes ?

Do you like zebras more or deer’s ? I mean zebras are not that good looking when it comes to colours. They are just black and white, where as deer’s have horns, colours and soooo much more ! 

A long time ago before Arthur the 2nd had taken over England, which to translate would mean a long long time.; there were no zebras, but only deer’s. Though the deer’s had enemity between them, they were divided into 2 groups. The 1st group consisted of the deer’s which have different colours, horns, spots etc. The second group consisted of the striped deer’s, each with different stripes and different colours. Each more magnificent than the other. Now they thought of them as the superior race and wanted to rule over the deer’s. This led to conflict. The second group decided to start raids and started attacking the other deer’s. At that time there were satyrs too so with their help they tried to wipe out the entire existence of deer’s. No wonder who Hitler took inspiration from. The 1st group decided to go take help of their deity the UNICORN!

To stop this the UNICORN decided of a very clever plan. He instructed all the animals to go into shelter because there was going to be a ugly rain. The superiority group of deer’s were unaware of this had decided to go for a picnic that day. Just like the UNICORN said it rained but this was not ordinary rain it was special and the water in the rain drained the colours of the superior deer’s which came to be known as Zebras with black and white stripes. 

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