My Ted Talk !

For those of you who don’t know what a ted talk is go search on google or watch a few of them on YouTube. Well I had to present a ted talk and here is the first draft. I am in desperate need of feedback so don’t shy away.

I started writing when I was 6 years old. The reason for this was that on my 6th birthday my grandparents had given me one of those books which open with a look and looked me in the eye and said,” You might not always feel like telling your parents everything so write in this book and when you come meets us we can catch up. Yeah that’s right they had given me the book so that if I forget something I could tell it to them and not my parents! ( Audience is supposed to laugh ) 

And believe it or not I actually wrote things in it ! It might have started from a few ridiculous pages about how I had a new friend and then I didn’t like them anymore and stuff like that but as I grew older it got more secretive and serious because it was all like; I like that girl and oh my god I got to know that she likes me back stuff. So one night I was writing and forgot to put a lock and just went to sleep. Well…… my dad saw it. ( look up at the audience for a moment ). That was the end of the book and my writing for that time period. I lost that relationship I had with my dad for a while like I felt uncomfortable and things. Fortunately it came back but then my ability to write didn’t. 

For a few years I couldn’t write anything but then this one day my English teacher had instructed us to write a descriptive writing story and the moment I put my pencil on the page it started flowing just like it used to before !  Yessss I fist punched in the air. From then on I just wrote fiction and the pieces were brilliant.

Now this is a ted talk and not a history lesson about my writings so I am gonna tell you how writing improved me. So during the ages of 8 to 9 I didn’t really have any friends. Though just like me there were a lot of capable writers in my class who appreciates my stories and understood them. This made me more social and accepting and the next thing I knew, I was the stud of the class and a A class writer!

One advantage of this is that even if you had no friends just like I was once you can write. Because writing is a solo job and you don’t need anyone for it. Also I had noticed that many of the people I knew thought of writing as a burden. I didn’t understand this because I never had such a problem. For me words just used to flow through my mind on to my page. This was because everything I wrote was something I could relate to and meant something to me. Even if it was a assignment in which I had to write a story about a particular topic I always wrote something I could relate to. 

My stories gave me some what a perspective of life. Of how I should focus on the positive and never look back in the past. So even if you write a 50 word story but you write it with your and heart and are able to feel that pulse or connection from what you have written it’s  true. And it will motivate you through out your life.

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