Charley Priest the douche bag who has no bag. He recently insulted my dear friend Scarlett, go check her out an awesome blogger. Anyways he removed her followers so she stood up to him and then he tried to insult her ! Such a god forsaken person man. Together we shall stand up to this bully and show him that we are not to be messed with. Bloggers ASSEMBLE


35 thoughts on “CharlyPriest

      1. I am not taking anyone’s side. And of course you are my good friend. Charley’s is a fine writer though you are a good friend. I have no business in this, sobI shall edge out. All I am suggesting is that you short this peacefully. Else it is up to you.

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      1. No problem. By the way, Ishaan Panther has quit blogging. Actually he has not quit, but I made him quit. What happened was I posted my testament against him, and my faithful followers unfollowed him. He total got a loss of 15 followers. So I can destroy anybody, if I want. Then he added some weird comments so I wrote such a comment, that he would be never able to reply that. I will share the screenshot with you..

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