When I am at my weakest you become a Sun,

radiating positivity towards me.

When I excel in something you become a star,

Shining your happiness towards me.

You are like water to a plant,

giving us purpose to live, sharing your knowledge.

You were a figure who I could really look up to,

you were someone who I truly respected,

you were someone who I truly got motivated by,

I am what I am because of you,

you are the reason for every good quality of mine.

You are true……

I live in dark shades

My heart breaks into a million echoes. It feels like I had a heart of glass, that is about to shatter. It feels like every time I rewind the obnoxious truth, my body has been pierced from the inferno that has been constantly burning as a candle but now has outraged itself into a wild fire. I have been betrayed by the world, and it had left my body half dead. It was my first and probably the last time…. My heart has been divided by a thin line that is known as love and it has created all the difference….

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I am on my way

I am on my way,

After crossing a 1000 miles,

Rafting through a couple of oceans,

Crossing the Sahara desert,

Jumping from the cliffs,

To achieve my main motive,

Touching the heights of the sky,

You may find several like me,

All for the single reason,

To be their dreams,

And conquer them.

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I am on blunt scattered oceans

What did I do so wrong that I deserved this, why did life give this this, a tune that was something so close and so turned to a minor key that worries and dissipation and unreal love have become so much a part of me, that I can no longer regain myself. Having myself baked in the terrible sunshine, my body painting and scarred. When did I ask for something so obsolete to bite my soul like the cold December winds?

Why Zebras have black and white stripes!

Pourquai Tale

Why zebras have have black and white stripes ?

Do you like zebras more or deer’s ? I mean zebras are not that good looking when it comes to colours. They are just black and white, where as deer’s have horns, colours and soooo much more ! 

A long time ago before Arthur the 2nd had taken over England, which to translate would mean a long long time.; there were no zebras, but only deer’s. Though the deer’s had enemity between them, they were divided into 2 groups. The 1st group consisted of the deer’s which have different colours, horns, spots etc. The second group consisted of the striped deer’s, each with different stripes and different colours. Each more magnificent than the other. Now they thought of them as the superior race and wanted to rule over the deer’s. This led to conflict. The second group decided to start raids and started attacking the other deer’s. At that time there were satyrs too so with their help they tried to wipe out the entire existence of deer’s. No wonder who Hitler took inspiration from. The 1st group decided to go take help of their deity the UNICORN!

To stop this the UNICORN decided of a very clever plan. He instructed all the animals to go into shelter because there was going to be a ugly rain. The superiority group of deer’s were unaware of this had decided to go for a picnic that day. Just like the UNICORN said it rained but this was not ordinary rain it was special and the water in the rain drained the colours of the superior deer’s which came to be known as Zebras with black and white stripes. 

The Zombie Apocalypse!

It all started when Ishaan came into our class wearing sunglasses. We all thought he was just trying to act cool but then we heard a snarl come from him ! His walk was weird too. And his skin was very pale too. If I didn’t know any better I would have thought of him as a zombie 🧟‍♂️.

Suddenly out of the blue he lunged at the girl standing next to him and bit her neck. Within seconds she started to turn into a zombie just like Ishaan. This had just turned into a zombie apocalypse.

The girl and Ishaan started to chase everybody in my class. Everyone was screaming in terror all around. Just like that half of my class had turned into zombies. I grabbed my most trusted friends, Weedle, Mannomay, Prakrit and was just about to grab others when my friend Mr. Sheep came charging into me. He tackled me onto the ground and was about to bite my head off when Weedle smacked Mr.Sheep on the back of his head.

We tried to run out of the class but the door was locked ! Together with all might we tried but there was no way we could be able to open it. Our numbers were getting lower and lower and more people were becoming zombies. We thought of hiding under the teachers desk but point to be noted, zombies are smart and as soon as the last kid had been bitten they started searching for us.

And it wasn’t long before they found us. They started trying to drag us out from under the table. Suddenly a strong hand gripped my shoulder. It was the goalkeeper of our school football team. And trust me his grip was strong. I tried to hold myself against the table but he was too strong. He easily dragged me out and started advancing towards my mouth. His slimy drool all over my face. Suddenly with a start I woke up.

I was in my bedroom and my mom was angrily staring down at me. I was late for school again. Thankfully it had just been a dream.

I live in shades of green

Yes, I do. The world is way to melancholic for me to stand. I feel as if the summertime is a stone on which I stand, the moment I sway and lose my balance, I shall fall. Yeah, it.s such a pretty world with all those stars we forget to see. I find it like a dream, those ecstatic screams and tranquil waters. May the world be blessed!

With you in the darkness

Just keep glimmering from the sunshine,

Though your ideas just wonderul,

As serene as the velvet moonlight,

Amidst the darkness,

You would be found,

A ray of hope,

Your beauty makes me wonder,

How your melodic way,

Of being the only star,

With such a bright light,

You lie beneath the golden skies,

Cry among the golden miles,

So keep shining like a ray of hope.

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My Dear Diary

TIME: 11:22 AM

DAY: Friday

DATE: September 6, 2019

Dear Skullcrusher,

Today teachers ruthlessly stuffed BROCCOLI; that’s right BROCCOLI in our tiny little mouths. And then that bitter flavour took to arms and bombarded my mouth with a ugly foul smell!!!

I felt like I was helplessly being dragged into quicksand as the spoon came with broccoli came closer and closer. I was disgusted and insulted at the same time. I thought our country was a democracy or at least that’s what I hoped for but apparently not.

I plan to start a revolution and create a clan with my fellow dudes, the ANTI-BROCCOLIANS! We shall together rid this world of the bad breath, abhorrent broccoli. ANTI-BROCCOLIANS assemble.

Yours Calum.